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  • MSG Proven Highly Toxic: 1 Dose Causes Headache In Healthy Subjects

    February 9 - Sayer JiGreenMedInfoFound everywhere as an additive in your food, new research has uncovered that this "flavor enhancer" is extremely toxic, causing a battery of adverse health effects within normal d...
  • BPA Exposure and Brain Development

    By Janet S.
    February 5 - A few years ago, the world went crazy about BPA in plastics, soup can linings, and other products. And while several products on the market now proudly claim that they don’t contain BPA, several...
  • Red Alert: GMOs in Your Morning Vitamins

    By Gina J.
    February 1 - When genetically modified organisms (GMO) began taking over the market, it was only a matter of time before they started to make their way into “health” foods, and the latest victim is sup...

  • Antibiotics Abuse and the Creation of Super Bugs

    By Janet S.
    January 29 - The unprecedented abuse of antibiotics over the last several decades has created drug resistant bacteria, colloquially referred to as superbugs. Recently, a medical officer out of Britain warned that ...
  • Teflon and Other Chemicals Linked to Arthritis

    By Gina J.
    January 11 - A joint study conducted between Yale, Harvard, Brigham and the Women’s Hospital recently found that chemicals used in Teflon (specifically known as PFCs), could increase a woman’s risk of ...
  • Treating ADHD Without Drugs

    By Janet S.
    January 3 - The CDC estimates that 5.4 million children in America have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), while over half of these kids are taking stimulants to manage the condi...

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  • Legalizing Raw Milk in the USA

    By Gina J.
    December 14 - In America, we’re constantly fed a long litany of propaganda claiming that we’re privy to more rights and freedoms than any other country in the world. The following countries, often regar...
  • Why Vaccine Industry Doesn’t Want to Remove Mercury From its Products

    By Gina J.
    November 25 - There’s a lot of argument over mercury usage in vaccines and other medications, yet the basic question is always the same: why the heck don’t they just get rid of it? Because it would lit...
  • What is GMO? Learn more about GMO Foods.

    By Janet S.
    September 9 - In the last year, a fair amount of attention has been placed on genetically modified organisms (GMO) in regards to food, at least significantly more than in previous years. It turns out that scientist...