4 Tips To Relieve Stress Quickly and Effectively

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No emotion does more damage to your body than stress. It suppresses your immune system, contributes to heart disease, and leads to an overall sense of dissatisfaction with one’s life. So how do you combat this deadly, yet incredibly common, feeling?

Take a Time Out. If your stress is caused by an actual, current event, walk away from it and take a “time out.” Not permanently, because if everyone walked away from everything stressful, the world would likely not function as it should. However, dropping the issue for even a few minutes and giving yourself time to cool down can give your brain the space it needs to process the exact issue that is causing you stress, allowing you to think of healthier way to approach it.

Just breathe. You’ve likely heard this before; however, you keep hearing it because it’s actually that effective. Studies show that, under stress, people breathe less, limiting the amount of oxygen they take in, thus exasperating the effects of the stress. By stopping to breathe deeply, you counteract this normal response, alleviating a lot of the physical symptoms of a stressful situation.

Hang Out With Friends. Don’t do this to vent or blow off steam, as doing so regularly will likely shorten your friend list by a lot. Just go “hang out”. People (including you) are naturally social, and being around others while engaging in good conversation or a fun activity is one of the quickest ways to relieve stress.

Exercise. Yet even more reasons to add quality cardiovascular and strength training time into your routine, exercise is an amazing treatment for stress. It increases dopamine (the “happy” hormone), increases oxygen levels, and reduces the physical aspects of tension. Plus, a great workout is an excellent way to get your mind on something else for a while. A side effect may be helping lose some stubborn belly fat, which may also be causing you stress!