5 Simple Tips To Protect Yourself from the Cold and Flu

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At that first sign of the sniffles from someone close to you, whether by a family member, friend, or the person behind you in line at the store, trying to think of any possible way to avoid getting sick becomes many people’s first priority. The following are 5 simple tips to protect yourself from coming down with the cold and / or flu this season. Get started now so that you can, hopefully, enjoy the cooler weather sniffle-free or avoid passing on your sniffles to others.

Keep your hands clean: Start to be conscious about how many things you touch throughout your day whether the gas pump or shaking hands with colleagues. Wash your hands after you blow your nose and go to the bathroom, as well as before and after eating. If you don’t have a sink available, keep hand sanitizer on you. To prevent dried, crack hands, follow up with a quality moisturizer. This is the easiest and cheapest means of protecting yourself from getting sick.

Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated helps your body to better process germs and toxins, making it less likely that something will “stick.” Staying hydrated also helps to support a healthy immune system, and yours is likely going to get a workout this season.

Stay Active: Get regular exercise. Maintaining a healthy weight and cardiovascular health keeps your body in top shape, making it better prepared to fight off illness, or at least recover more quickly from one.

Hands Free: Your habit of biting your fingernails or rubbing your eyes when they are tired might need to be put on hold. Your mouth, nose and eyes are all ways germs can enter your body. You might also want to avoid finger foods if you have not cleaned your hands or are sharing with someone of questionable health status.

Wipe Down Germ Potential Areas: Make it a habit to wipe down common sense areas that germs might be hanging around. Some common areas germs like are light switches, doorknobs, phones, computer keyboards, and even your TV remote.

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