7 Incredible Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

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A staple in most spice cabinets, cayenne pepper has been used to treat everything from heartburn to paralysis for centuries. As science further researches the benefits of this common household-spice, some claims as to its benefits have been disproven; however, several have been discovered or supported by research as well. Here are the top known benefits of this spicy seasoning.

1. Breaks up mucus, helping to eliminate many of the causes of flu and cold symptoms, including stuffy noses and chest congestion.

2. Acts as an anti-inflammatory, relieving allergies and treating arthritis, diabetes, and psoriasis. It also relieves joint pain due to its high quantities of capsaicin.

3. Aids in healthy digestion, diminishing diarrhea, stimulating the digestive tract, helping the body metabolize food, and eliminating intestinal gas.

4. Prevents the formation of blood clots, one of the primary causes of heart attacks and strokes.

5. Increases circulation, helping to detoxify the body (which is one of the primary reasons it’s included in several “cleanse” recipes).

6. Reduces appetite, making it easier to stick to a calorie-restricted diet.

7. The capsaicin can potentially limit the growth of tumors, especially in the lungs and liver.

In addition to these, cayenne pepper can also increase saliva in the mouth, which reduces tooth and gum disease, and can be used as a compress for inflammation, sores, and other non-fatal wounds.

When juicing, adding a dash of cayenne pepper to nearly any recipe can help to rev up your metabolism, as well as improve your overall health. You can also obtain these benefits by using cayenne pepper when cooking or as a finishing spice on nearly any dish: salads, breads, steamed vegetables, and various meats can all be given a bit of kick with a sprinkle of this healthy, spicy seasoning right before serving.