7 Servings of Fruit and Vegetables to Maximize Happiness Study Says

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Although everyone says to eat more fruits and vegetables, an actual quantity isn’t usually provided. How much do you have to eat to realize the most benefits? What’s too little? What could be too much? A new study on how fruits and vegetables increase one’s overall emotional wellbeing could have the answer.

After an examination of diets among over 80,000 people as well as in-depth questioning regarding related moods, researchers found that the individuals that ate the most fruits and vegetables were happiest overall. On average, seven servings of fruits and vegetables gave noticeable results, although more is always better!

When broken down, individuals who ate seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day were happier, calmer, and experienced fewer mood disorders or periods of unhappiness. Although there is always the chance that these individuals ate more fruits and vegetables because they were already happier, given what we know about the nutrients and antioxidants available in this all-natural food source makes researchers lean more towards vegetables for happiness, rather than happy people eat their vegetables. After all, medical professionals have long held the belief that giving your body the optimal fuel automatically makes you feel better, which can up emotional well-being as well. A healthy diet and regular exercise has often been link to higher dopamine production (the happy hormone).

So are you curious if you can realize these results? While it can be a bit hard for some to add so many servings of fruits and vegetables to their diet, doing it slowly can make the transition smoother. Try adding a salad to every meal, and opting for fruit instead of a salty or sweet snack in between. Slowly work your way up to the recommended seven or more servings a day, and see just how much better you feel, both physically and mentally!

Another simple way to add servings of fruits and vegetables is through juicing. Juicing allows you to consume the nutrient density of larger quantities of this happiness produce even if you have a smaller appetite. To learn more about the benefits of juicing click here: juicing recipes.

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