New Drug Recall - Ameridose Recalls Thousands of Drugs

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Right after NECC recalled steroid injections linked to the fungal meningitis outbreak, a pharmacy in Massachusetts, Ameridose, recalled thousands of drugs sold to hospitals throughout the United States.

Although the two companies are linked, both owned and managed by the same individuals, there doesn’t seem to be a connection, as of yet, between the meningitis outbreak and Ameridose. Rather, a company spokesperson simply stated that the FDA was requesting that they improve their current sterilization processes.

The products in question are mixed IV solutions and prefilled oral syringes, in a range of drugs, including antibiotics, anesthetics, and tranquilizers. In fact, it includes any drug manufactured by the company that’s still in rotation.

Although being touted as a cautionary reaction rather than an actual known problem, questioning the sterility of a drug is just as severe as questioning its safety. And given that sterility was the cause of the outbreak of meningitis from NECC drugs, this new twist is interesting, to say the least. This recall will worsen the shortage of various common medications; however, the FDA is currently not requiring that any patients be notified if they were given the drugs in a doctor’s office or hospital setting.

Sadly, it seems to be yet another situation where companies seem to have prioritized profit over patient safety.

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