Antibiotics Abuse and the Creation of Super Bugs

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The unprecedented abuse of antibiotics over the last several decades has created drug resistant bacteria, colloquially referred to as superbugs. Recently, a medical officer out of Britain warned that these superbugs require immediate action, and without such, the growth of untreatable infections could have a catastrophic effect on the human race. For once, there seems to be a consensus among the medical community, which often ignores pressing issues for the great all-might dollar, and facts, and while it’s nice that they’re getting on board with the dangers of this, they’re ultimately the cause of the problem.

So how exactly did superbugs come about? As with most of the world’s current woes, it all started with Big Pharma. After creating an insane amount of antibiotics, and completely saturating the market with not only the products themselves but also with the idea that you can’t beat a bacterial infection without an antibiotic, they simply stopped making any more. Why? Because the money was gone!

With no “new” antibiotics, the strains of bacteria just kept adapting. Because after all, that’s what every living organism does. And now? Let’s put it this way: they’re looking at our measly immune systems, which can’t function properly due to the overuse of antibiotics, and the antibiotics themselves, and laughing.

Given the fact that it takes at least a decade to make a new drug, no matter what Big Pharma attempts to do now (if anything), it won’t really matter, because bacteria mutates rapidly. By the time they come up with something for the latest superbug, in 10 years it will have mutated into something even more devastating.

In short, there are simply no more drugs out there to combat this, and despite the fact that the medical community admits a problem, they aren’t even pretending to look for a solution, and they’re hampering any research into natural remedies that could fight off these new bugs efficiently and safely. Basic things like a combination of garlic and probiotics can do wonders, but doctors and the government still push chemicals over nature’s medicine: food. And not only is it not working; it’s becoming infinitely more destructive every day.