Belly Fat Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

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A recent study done by the University of California Davis found that being overweight actually changes the blood flow to your brain, effectively shrinking it in size, and this decrease in cognitive abilities can drastically increase one’s risk of Alzheimer’s.

Brain scans of over 70,000 people showed that patients who are overweight have similar brain size, as well as similar pockmarks, in their brains as Alzheimer’s patients, and when most of the weight was carried in the belly, stubborn belly fat, the decrease in brain size was rather significant.

Alzheimer’s is one of the most brutal health conditions affecting senior citizens and their families. Eventually requiring 24-hour care, patients slowly lose the ability to remember anything, including how to care for themselves as well as who their loved ones are.

Some believe that the rise in this condition is directly related to the recent rise in obesity, and losing weight now is one of the best ways to protect your cognitive abilities in the future. Once Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, there’s not much that can be done for treatment other than slowly increasing care as the patient’s abilities decrease.

To lose weight and thus drastically decrease your chances of developing this disease, exercise five times a week for at least 30 minutes each day, even if it’s just taking a walk, and avoid excessive sugar consumption by switching out soda with water and fruit for your standard dessert. Eat whole, healthy foods: if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it shouldn’t be going in your body.

Take action now to avoid developing one of the most debilitating and heart wrenching diseases known to man. You’re worth it.;_ylt=A2KLOzInPiRQgUUAUGUhmolQ