The Most Important Health Benefits of Broccoli

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Most people are aware of the fact that broccoli is good for them, yet as with most things, the “why” of the matter can be a bit elusive. So here are the most important broccoli health benefits, other than the mass-amounts of essential vitamins, alkalizing minerals and nutrients.  Broccoli is a popular necessity to alkaline food diets and is low calorie for those watching their waste lines.

Increases vitamin D levels: Believe it or not, here in American many people (especially those in northern areas) are vitamin D deficient for at least part of the year. Broccoli, although not a natural source of vitamin D, is high in vitamin K and A which, together, help your body to hold onto vitamin D, whether you get it from supplements, food, or hanging out outside for 15 minutes.

It aids in detoxification: When you’re inundated with toxins every day, ensuring your body can get rid of them is important. Broccoli, rich in three phytonutrients that aren’t usually found in the same food at once, helps to improve your body’s natural detoxification process.

It works as an anti-inflammatory: Inflammation in the body can do everything from promote chances of arthritis and allergies, and even create an ideal environment for certain forms of cancer to develop. Broccoli, which contains kaempferol, helps to reduce this inflammation, protecting you from a host of diseases.

In addition to all of this, broccoli is high in fiber (aiding in digestion and reducing instances of colon cancer), and helps to protect your eyes from cataracts and the natural loss of vision that occurs as you age. So eat up!

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