Benefits of Core Training Exercises

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Nearly everybody wants a flat, toned stomach; however, there are several benefits to achieving that look outside of the actual look of it. Core training exercises can do everything from aid in preventing injury to improving respiratory function, making it easier to achieve other fitness goals and to protect your overall health.

Your core includes every muscle in the torso, including the stomach, back, and the muscles that wrap between the two. This provides the support for your extremities and your spine, and makes it possible for your body to move as an integrated unit. Therefore, by strengthening the core, you provide the rest of your body with optimal support. While looking good in a swimsuit is nice, this support is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.

So what are the specific benefits of core training exercises?

  1. Improves your overall balance and the coordination between the muscles in your core and those in the rest of your body.
  2. Brings your body into neutral alignment, supporting a proper distribution of weight and eliminating the strain placed on other muscles when they’re put in a position to do more work, or work in a way, in which they aren’t supposed to.
  3. Provides the spine, ribs, and pelvis with stability, three systems that are most essential to ensuring your organs are protected, yet the most vulnerable under force.

So while a good looking stomach can be an excellent motivator, keep these health benefits of core exercises in mind as well! Core training is also a great way to manage stress.

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