Benefits of Nutritional Yeast- A Complete Protein Superfood!

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Nutritional yeast is deactivated yeast rich in protein and B-vitamins. Made from cane and beet molasses, it is typically taken as a supplement or added to a variety of recipes to increase the finished dish’s nutritional benefits.

Although most popular as a protein source among those who consume little to no meat or animal products (especially because it contains all nine of the essential amino acids at only 80 calories a serving) the benefits of nutritional yeast far surpass even this.

1. Rich in a complex sugar known as beta-glucan, nutritional yeast can help to support a strong and healthy immune system by killing off cellular debris and pathogens while helping the body to better absorb and utilize various antioxidants.

2. The glutathione found in nutritional yeast can help the body to get rid of free-radicals, acting as an all-natural detoxifier.

3. The high levels of B-complex vitamins in this supplement naturally increases energy, focus, and one’s overall mood.

4. Is one of few supplements that can truly impact how you age, supporting healthy skin, minimizing hair loss, reducing instances of arthritis and heart disease, and helping you maintain good vision and memory. These benefits of nutritional yeast are primarily due to the nucleotides found in the supplement, which are the building blocks for DNA and RNA.

So how exactly do you incorporate nutritional yeast into your diet? Incredibly similar to parmesan cheese in flavor, it can be used as a topping for just about any food, and is commonly used as a replacement for cheese in vegan recipes. If you’re not vegan, nutritional yeast works well in your standard cheese sauce, on top of homemade pizza, or as an incredibly healthy topping for a vegetable-rich salad. The possibilities really are endless!

The Vitamin B-12 in nutritional yeast can also help battle daytime fatigue.
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