Benefits of the Paleo Diet

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The Paleo diet is one of the latest in the health food world, and is defined by consuming only the foods that were available to our ancestors, with the belief that these are the only items that the human body can actually properly utilize and digest. This includes fish, meat, roots, vegetables, fruits, eggs and mushrooms, and excludes processed foods as well as sugar, dairy, and grains, all of which came after the agriculture boom.

One of the only non-refuted benefits of the Paleo diet is its emphasis on whole, natural foods, which any nutritionist or physician worth his or her salt will recommend. A whole foods based diet naturally gives your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs, while limiting the amount of chemicals and man-made ingredients, which are often harmful, that you come in contact with.

The lack of carbohydrates in the Paleo diet can make it easier to lose weight for many people, especially if the diet is adopted over the long-term, rather than as just a short-term weight loss solution. The fiber in the copious amounts of fruits and vegetables consumed can relieve constant constipation and help you feel fuller for longer, limiting how much you need to eat during the day.

The absence of added salt and sugar can be incredibly beneficial to the heart, reducing heart disease as well as your risk of stroke or heart attack. For those that have a gluten or milk intolerance or allergy, the Paleo diet is ideal and often a cheaper way of eating than purchasing prepackaged “gluten free” or “lactose free” products.

While some disagree with the premise behind a Paleo diet, the overall benefits are in line with yany diet that emphasizes real, whole foods. For your animal protein choices, you can take the Paleo diet one step further and just consume animals that would closer to what our ancestors might have consumed. Though most game animals might be harder to find in your local stores, you can choose items such as wild caught fish, grass fed beef and free range chicken.

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