The Many Benefits of Using Coconut Oil in Your Hair

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It seems that every day, more and more people are opting for natural, whole foods and environmentally friendly products; and that’s certainly a good thing. The newest trend, however, is bringing this push for wholesomeness to the beauty industry, and coconut oil, a product that is making leaps and bounds in popularity when it comes to nutrition as an alkaline food with healthy fats, is apparently also incredibly beneficial for your hair.

Putting coconut oil in your hair can seem a bit overwhelming unless you have very dry or curly locks; however, it can benefit any hair type. Why? Because the proteins found in coconut oil are incredibly similar to those that make up your hair, meaning it adds strength and vitality. This, coupled with the outrageous amount of moisture, means shiny, strong, healthy hair. So how do you use it and what are the benefits of each method?

As a deep conditioning mask: Rub the oil into your hands to warm it up, then apply it to freshly washed, damp hair, focusing on the ends. Pile your hair on your head, put on a shower cap, and let this sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Then, rinse, shampoo, and condition with your regular conditioner.

The benefits? Stronger hair, moisture, lack of frizz, and temporary sealing of fried ends.

As a styling agent: Take a pea size amount, and rub the oil through already styled hair.

The benefits? This seals the ends, imparts shine, and makes your already-stellar style that much better!

As a nutritional supplement: Take one tablespoon of raw coconut oil every day, or a coconut oil supplement. The benefits? Stronger, healthier hair starting at the roots. Consuming healthy oils means that your hair grows faster, thicker, and stronger. What more could you ask for?