Study Finds Cellphone Use Causes 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor

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Swedish doctors recently completed a rather astonishing study that may get you thinking twice about your cell phone habits. Truth be told, the results are a bit frightening, especially in today’s technology-obsessed culture. The study showed that 10 years of cellphone increases the risk of developing a brain tumor by an average of 290%. And, while many would try to find other reasons for this “coincidence,” the tumors actually develop on the side where the phone was held most frequently.

As with many forms of technology, cellphones practically exploded upon their invention, and in the last 10 years usage of these devices has increased exponentially. In fact, so many people use cell phones these days that researchers actually believe that an individual that does not personally use a phone is still at elevated risks for the same health issues, as they are constantly exposed to others using that device. 2nd hand cellphone exposure!

In addition to the increased risk of brain tumors, this new study found that cellphone usage actually changes the development a child’s brain, and they estimate that the increase in behavioral issues and brain tumors will have a dramatic spike in the coming years.

While all of this can seem hopeless, there are some ways in which you can reduce your risk, starting by not using a cell phone unless absolutely necessary and turning your phone off between uses, which completely shuts down its emission of radiation. To avoid close contact with your head, use the speaker option if available and feasible, and try to treat the cellphone as it was originally intended to be used: as an emergency only option. Landlines are, it turns out, ideal.