Chemtrails: An Overview and What Are the Risks!

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For the last decade there has been an increase in individual reports, from people all over the globe, seeing trails in the sky left by airplanes. Some are crisscrossing and at times people report that most of the sky seems covered.

The term given to this phenomenon is “Chemtrails”. Until most of the last decade the official stance from the mainstream media and from government officials was to state that chemtrails did not exist and that the population was mistaken. What people were really witnessing were contrails. However, with the number of instances increasing the public can no longer easily be kept in the dark. There are distinct differences between contrails and chemtrails. Today it is easy to answer the question of “What” these trails are and are NOT. The tougher question, which still gets denied or spun by government and mainstream media, is “WHY?”

More recently, scientists have argued that stratospheric geo-engineering as a plausible way for weather control and to combat the so-called Global Warming by blocking sun light. During the American Association for Advancement of Sciences conference that took place in San Diego, CA on Feb 17-18, 2010, such topics included ‘The artificial manipulation of earth’s climate’ This is well covered in the documentary ‘What in the World are they Spraying’. Trailer here:

Weather manipulation /control is nothing new. Cloud Seeding, which is the intentional method of increasing precipitation by dispersing chemicals on clouds such as Silver Iodide was first discovered in 1946. (
Imagine the knowledge and technologies which have been developed in this span of almost 70 years and exist today!

Empirically as we individuals see the increase of these ‘chemtrails’ we cannot deny that they are being sprayed intentionally. The question that still lingers is ‘WHY’.


Contrails vs. Chemtrails  - Definite Differences

Anyone can spot the definite differences between contrails (Condensation trails) and Chemtrails.

Contrails, short for Condensation trails, happen when the vapor of jet propulsion systems in airplanes is released in the stratosphere at high altitudes.  As the vapor mixes with the low frigid temperatures, ice crystals are formed and thus a trail is visible for a short period of time. These trails quickly disappear. They do not linger like Chemtrails and they are white in texture.

Chemtrails on the other hand linger and expand as time passes. These trails tend to eventually blend with clouds forming a haze.

These are the easiest differences to spot. As you can be seen in this video below:



If the exhaust vapor, which becomes a condensation ‘contrail’ and the ones, which become chemtrails had the same chemical composition, why would the trails be so obviously different?

Since there is a lack of official disclosure on what these chemtrails are actually comprised of, we can only speculate on what their chemical composition may be. Independent air samples have showed higher levels of elements such as Aluminum Dioxide and Barium Salts.


Chemtrails In The Media 

A 2007 German TV broadcast confirmed chemtrails ( as the German military was purposely spraying to manipulate the weather. This resulted in a lawsuit against the government by German scientists.

The chemtrails debate has been able to reach, at least, local news coverage. Local news still has more autonomy and is able to cover a wider variety of topics, which may not make the national news networks.



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