Chocolate Can Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

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The market for blood pressure reduction, from specific foods to medications, has made for an incredibly profitable business. However, according to recent studies, dark chocolate can actually reduce blood pressure naturally when eaten moderately.

A prominent researcher out of Melbourne recently stated that despite a lack of evidence for long-term reduction in blood pressure, regularly eating dark chocolate can help short term, increasing the efficiency of more traditional treatments.

Currently, Mars Inc. (one of the leading sellers of chocolate in the world) has funded most studies on dark chocolate benefits, including lowering blood pressure and increasing cognitive abilities. So, while much of the science seems to be sound, there is still some question as to the reliability of these privately funded studies.

Despite this, dark GMO free chocolate has been linked to boosting one’s mood, providing incredibly high quantities of antioxidants, and reducing inflammation as well. Lowering blood pressure is just another addition to a long and varied list!