Chocolate with 50% Less Fat Created! And Still Tastes Great?

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Has the solution to the guilty feeling associated with chocolate consumption been discovered?

The process is called a Pickering emulsion, and it cuts the amount of triglyceride fats found in cocoa butter and milk by up to 50%.

Yes, that’s chocolate with 50% less fat.

Although chocolate is incredibly healthy in small doses, for many people the amount of fat in chocolate detracts from this. However, traditional low fat versions, in which sugar and chemicals are used to make up for what’s removed, can diminish the creamy texture and melting properties of traditional chocolate, two of the main things (outside of flavor) that have earned chocolate the title of most loved food in the world.

Researchers in the United Kingdom have found a way to create tiny air bubbles in chocolate using fruit juices (typically orange and cranberry) or de-carbonated soft drinks, thus replacing a lot of the fat without touching texture. And to boot, the technique for doing this is incredibly easy, which means this healthier version of chocolate won’t be much harder on the wallet than traditional chocolate, if at all. It can also be used with white, milk, and dark chocolate, so there will soon be a flavor for anyone!

While a solid advancement into making chocolate truly guilt-free, the Pickering method of cutting fat does give the chocolate a decidedly fruity flavor; however, this is not exactly a bad thing, especially if you love the combination of chocolate and orange. Despite this, this new discovery will hopefully pave the way for scientists to use the Pickering emulsion technique with vitamin C and water, thus not altering the taste at all.