Dangers of TSA Body Scanners

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As of late, a rather alarming number of medical professionals and scientist have come forward claiming that the new scanners utilized by the TSA in airports have surprisingly dangerous health implications, primarily due to the level of direct radiation exposure that the scanners inflict, which could cause untold issues in frequent travelers. Unlike the total radiation experienced during flight, this pinpointed exposure, directly towards your skin and organs could have catastrophic effects on your health.

Recently, professors from the University of California sent a detailed letter to the President’s Science and Technology advisor to lay out their concerns:

  1. The safety of these scanners has not been adequately studied. Given the excessive use of this technology, the lack of demonstrable safety is even more concerning.
  2. The radiation emitted from the X-Rays could potentially break bonds in the body’s molecules, theoretically altering one’s DNA.
  3. While the radiation dosage is considered safe when absorbed by the entire body, these specific scanners pinpoint the radiation towards the skin, drastically increasing the level of exposure per square inch.
  4. The relatively short testing period for safety based the findings on overall exposure to radiation, rather than basing on it on how the scanner actually works, which (again) focuses the radiation.

These factors could potentially, according to some researchers and scientists, cause cancer, especially in women and those over 65 years of age. It may also lower a person’s white blood cell count, further risking the health of those already immune-compromised, and possibly mutate sperm and alter the growth and development of fetuses and children.