Death By Prescription Drugs in New York

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For over the last decade and a half, the rate of prescription drug overdose in New York City has reached an unprecedented level. And people aren’t getting their oxycontin and other opioids from a street corner: they’re obtaining them with valid prescriptions from less-than-stellar doctors.

Recently, a study came out that compared the use of prescription opioids and heroin from between 1990 and 2006, finding that overdose deaths with heroin have stayed about the same, while overdose death from prescription drugs have increased seven times over. And all of this is occurring in neighborhoods with a higher-than-average household income.

Conducted by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, this study found that white men were three times more likely than black men to die of a prescription drug overdose. And more recently, a study conducted by Brandeis University found that, overall, death by prescription drug overdose occurs more often in the US than fatal overdoses of heroin and cocaine. Combined.

Between the constant advertisement of prescription drugs and the push by Big Pharma for doctors to prescribe oxycontin more often, it’s really no wonder why more and more people are getting hooked.