Echinacea Cold Prevention Validated - Largest Ever Clinical Study Concludes

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For centuries an herb known as Echinacea has been touted as a preventative for colds as well as a natural treatment, providing a one-two punch to an irritating illness that affects nearly every single person at least once a year.

Finally, science has gotten on board, and given credence to what our ancestors have always known: Echinacea does actually work.

A derivative of the eastern purple coneflower, the most recent large-scale study on the treatment was based on subjects taking three doses of an extract of the herb over a four-month period. On average, these individuals’ overall duration of their colds dropped by 26%. This was just for people who actually got sick. The study also found that taking the herb regularly could reduce recurrent colds in those with sub par immune systems by 60%. During this study, some information pointed to the idea that the herb could also reduce instances and the duration of the flu, as well as recurring infections, by an average of 59%

As with many studies, there’s always at least one issue. With this, a generic form of Echinacea wasn’t used; rather, a specific brand known as Echinaforce. And, despite the outstanding results of the research, it was funded by the maker of that specific brand. This means those who’ve never tried Echinacea on their own still question the validity of the claims. Sadly, this is one of the most common reasons modern medicine discredits the use of herbal remedies in lieu of man-made products.

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