Why Are 'Eco-Friendly' Corporations Shelling out Millions to Stop GMO Labeling?

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Once the cat was let out of the bag in regards to genetically modified organisms (GMO), the vast majority of the public decided that they wanted to know exactly what was in their food and how it was grown. Since then, they have been pushing for corporations to be required to label GMOs on packaging or produce stickers; in fact, the current rate of support for these types of measures is at a whopping 3 to 1.

California has recently introduced proposition 37, which would require that every genetically modified food be labeled as such in order to be sold in the state. And while the companies that specialize in GMOs are obviously opposed to this, there is a darker, slightly more unnerving group that is fighting against it.

The top companies supporting oppositions to this decidedly popular law are Monsanto, Pepsi CO., Coca Cola, Congara, Kellogg, and General Mills. And while this may not be too surprising given the types of products manufactured and sold by these companies, what many don’t know is that these same companies also manufacturer and sell some of the leading organic, natural brands. These include Kashi, Cascadian Farm, and Santa Cruz Organic.

That’s right: brands that many people trust to provide clean, natural products are actively working to ensure that the public doesn’t know if GMOs are used in their daily foods. And sadly enough, these companies are only in business because people who are concerned about eating organic, natural foods are supporting them in good faith.

It’s a failure on the part of each one of these companies, but it doesn’t have to be a failure on the public. Money speaks, and a lack of support for these organizations that believe they have a right to tamper with nature and therefore your body will have to stop if they can no longer give $632,500 for anti-proposition 37 efforts (here’s looking at you Kellogg / Kashi).