Every Bite of Junk Food Damages Your Arteries Study Says

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When people start talking about eating natural, healthy, whole-foods, there’s a resounding chorus among the masses: everything in moderation! A few Doritos or a drive-thru aren’t going to hurt if you don’t do it every day!

However, two recent studies beg to differ.

One of these was done in Montreal and focused on comparing the health of the lining of the blood vessels in response to a meal high in saturated fat versus a healthy-fat based Mediterranean meal. The amount of fats were kept the same among each, whether it was junk food or whole foods, and the arteries of the 28 participants were evaluated prior to eating and then two and four hours afterwards. The results are rather astonishing.

The lining of the arteries of those who ate the Mediterranean meal showed no change; however, those who had the junk food high in saturated fat had a 24% increase in the thickness of the artery lining, which resulted in reduced blood flow. As scientists already know that dilation of the lining is one of the primary causes of hardening (the cause of coronary artery disease), this increase is no small matter.

In addition to this, another recent study published in Public Health Nutrition found that people consuming any amount of fast food are 51% more likely to be depressed than those who bypass the drive-thru or chip aisle. And the more depressed an individual gets, the more they tend to gravitate towards junk food, resulting in a rather vicious cycle.

In short, moderation should be used with all-natural dark chocolate, that glass of heart-healthy wine, and grass-fed beef. If you absolutely can not give up some of your guilty pleasures, try to counter act your bad choices with good choices such as omega-3 rich foods such as salmon to help battle inflammation.

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