Farmer Takes On Giant Monsanto Grip On World Food Supply

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Someone is finally trying to fight against super-giant, how-are-they-not-a-monopoly Monsanto, and their case is being heard before the US Supreme Court. Brought forth by an Indiana farmer, the case claims that the farmer has rights to the seeds that he planted, despite the fact that Monsanto claims to have patented the seeds.

Bowman, a lifelong farmer, bought soybean seeds from a local dealer, which apparently contained some of Monsanto’s patented soybean seeds in the mix. When Monsanto got wind of it, they claimed that the seeds could not be used to plant crop, and were only allowed to be used as feed. Why? Monsanto has a contract with any farmer that buys its seeds, claiming that the farmers must repurchase seeds every year, rather than saving any from prior crops. In addition to this, the agriculture giant also charges farmers a per-acre fee for any crops they plant using the patented seeds. However, Bowman claims signing no such contract.

Monsanto, upon taking unauthorized samples from Bowman’s crops, accused him of stealing. Thus, the Bowman v Monsanto case started in St. Louis, where the courts found in favor of Monsanto. However, Bowman hasn’t taken that lying down, and as he stands against one of the biggest organizations in the world in front of the US’s highest court, it will be interesting to see what comes of the case.