High Protein Diets Re-Examined For a Smaller Waist Line

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For the last two decades, there’s been a lot of back and forth over high protein diets, with conflicting studies and people on both sides of the issue taking it to extremes. However, Thomas Wycherley of the University of South Australia recently decided to tackle the subject again, and found that a high protein diet seemed to indicate quicker weight loss.

The study, conducted over 12 weeks and based on 24 trials conducted in the past, found that those who stuck to a high protein diet of 85 grams a day, rather than the current recommended levels of 49 grams a day, lost nearly 2 pounds more as well as more body fat, without any change to blood pressure or cholesterol. Each group, no matter the protein intake, stuck to the same amount of calories each day.

While the study did not specifically pinpoint the reason for this increase in weight loss, Wycherley believes it has something to do with the amount of energy it takes the body to process protein versus carbohydrates. In addition to this, protein is the building block for muscles, and the more muscles one has the more calories and fat he or she burns even when just hanging around on the couch.

The general consensus in the medical community is that, despite the findings, there aren’t enough long-term studies to understand the overall impact to one’s health a high protein diet can have. However, as of now, most agree that no matter what one chooses, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is essential to a healthy life.

One variable unfortunately most often not covered in these studies is how much more effective if a protein focused diet when the protein sources are more carefully selected. For example, grass fed beef is lower in saturated fats, calories and higher the healthy omega-3 fatty acids than traditional grain fed beef.

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