How Fermented Foods Help You Achieve Optimal Health

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As luck would have it, the beneficial bacteria that your body needs is incredibly easy to kill off; however, harmful bacteria is often resistant to a plethora of treatments. Everything from stress to caving in to your sugar addiction can disrupt the natural balance of beneficial microbes in your body, especially in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing harmful bacteria to easily grow in its place. So what can you do?

Beneficial bacteria, commonly known as probiotics, help your body to produce vitamin B, properly process fats and proteins, and even ward off harmful parasites. While there are a variety of products on the market that claim to offer probiotics, the truth is that these delicate bacteria often die before you ever consume the product. However, you can achieve the same benefits from homemade fermented foods.

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate fermented foods into your diet is to make your own homemade fermented vegetables. Start with five pounds of your favorite variety and chop them up. Then, submerge them in water seasoned with sea salt in a ceramic crock or glass jar and let this sit, covered and undisturbed, for several days. You can add any seasonings you like, just keep the rate of salt at three tablespoons per gallon. Once it’s to your liking, place it in a storage container and refrigerate it to prevent further fermentation.

Regularly adding these types of foods to your diet can help to replenish the beneficial bacteria that you lose due to stress or other issues. Play around with recipes to find something you love, or add drinks like kefir or kombucha tea to your diet as well. You don’t have to take expensive supplements to reap the benefits of probiotics. To help reduce stress you can also focus on a healthy diet as well as implement hearth healthy habits for overall stress reduction.

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