Jogging Boosts Life Span Up to Six Years

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Although most of the population is well aware of the benefits of cardio, recent studies have found that jogging can actually increase your lifespan by over 5 years in women and 6 years in men.

Not to be confused with full-on running, this study was based on jogging that was strenuous enough to alter one’s breathing pattern, but not so strenuous as to leave one completely out of breath. The study, conducted by Danish researchers, is based on data collected by the Copenhagen City Heart Study over the course of nearly 30 years. The study found that, when compared to non-joggers, joggers who engaged in one to two hours of jogging per week were 44 percent less likely to die. And these benefits actually increased the slower that the joggers moved.

While the benefit of increased cardiovascular activity is not exactly ground breaking, this study does show that it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to reap the benefits of exercise. It is believed that these benefits come from the increase in oxygen intake while jogging, the improvement to heart function, and the lowering of bad cholesterol.

The study was conducted in response to recent allegations that jogging, or any type of strenuous exercise, was actually harmful to one’s health. Upon review, it was found that the amount of jogging necessary to reap the benefits was not enough to cause excess strain or wear on the body, thus concluded that jogging is, in fact, incredibly healthy.