New Lice Treatment - Single 10-minute Treatment Kills Lice Fast

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Despite technology and medicine advancing in leaps and bounds in the last 50 years, one thing hasn’t changed: lice in schools. Every year, parents live in of these bugs, both due to discomfort for their child and the sheer effort and time it takes to get rid of them. Difficult to kill off and to avoid getting, in the past there was little recourse against lice outside of hours of combing and harsh shampoos.

However, there might be a new way to get rid of lice quickly, saving you hours of work and limiting the amount of time the bugs have to spread. Ivermectin, sold as Sklice, is a comb free treatment manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur. Currently, the treatments available only kill lice, not the eggs they leave behind, requiring several treatments to get rid of an infestation. And then, they are often only effective 50% of the time.

This new treatment, however, only takes 10 minutes, and in a recent study of 765 participants, patients using Sklice were more likely to be lice-free 15 days after treatment than those using the current treatments sold over the counter or via the pharmacy. When coupled with washing all clothing bedding and other fabrics the child comes in contact with, Sklice could be the next best thing in the world of treating lice.

Due to the lack of long-term studies, most dermatologists are recommending Sklice only when other treatments fail both due to the lack of knowledge regarding long term side effects and the rather hefty price tag the new treatment comes with (over $300 if not covered by insurance).

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