Pepsi's New 'Weight Loss' Soda... Seriously???

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No matter how hard manufacturers try, there is no such thing as a healthy soda. Yet Pepsi is at it again, trying to say the opposite, with its latest marketing atrocity occurring in Japan, where Pepsi and Suntory began selling weight loss soda on November 13th.

This new “healthy” drink contains a chemical known as dextrin, which makes it difficult for the body to absorb fat, forcing it to discard it instead. However, as any nutritionist or medical professionals with any amount of experience will tell you, fat is not the only issue with unhealthy foods, and oftentimes, it is actually good for you.

This new product is probably loaded with artificial sweeteners, which are known to lower metabolism and even prompt the development of tumors, all the while increasing the risk of diabetes, obesity, kidney issues, strokes, and heart attacks. This, coupled with the high fructose corn syrup and overall incredible mix of man-made, health damaging chemicals, is far worse than allowing your body to absorb some healthy fats

Yet once again, the public and, as a result, manufacturers, are missing the overall primary cause of the obesity epidemic and other health issues running rampant around the world: we don’t eat real foods anymore. We don’t exercise for weight management as much anymore. And overall, the public is starting to buy into the idea that “processed” foods can be “healthy.” They can’t.

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