The Powerful Health Benefits of Turmeric

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One of the most beneficial foods in the world is likely hiding in your spice cabinet or is the star in your favorite curry: turmeric. A relative of ginger, turmeric has been used in both culinary and medicinal avenues for centuries, and it’s known to be a treatment for a variety of health issues and diseases. Using turmeric when grilling food can reduce the carcinogenic compounds created by this popular cooking method by up to 40%, as found by Kansas State University.

In this same vein, rodent studies at the University of Texas indicated that turmeric has been found to slow the rate of growth of several cancers, including melanoma, as well as the spread of cancer, specifically from the breast to the lungs. In fact, there’s also some evidence to suggest that an individual who regularly consumes turmeric may be more responsive to the traditional cancer treatments, specifically chemotherapy.

Outside of cancer, turmeric may also reduce one’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and can potentially reduce the symptoms of arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. This last study on arthritis is based on a medical trial conducted in Italy that found that patients who regularly took turmeric had a decrease in pain and an increase in their overall emotional well-being.

While the benefits of turmeric are still being researched as we speak, the initial results are both impressive and promising.

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