Red Alert: GMOs in Your Morning Vitamins

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When genetically modified organisms (GMO) began taking over the market, it was only a matter of time before they started to make their way into “health” foods, and the latest victim is supplements.

As of now, the corn grown in the US is at least 80% GMOs, most of which is owned and distributed by Monsanto. So how does that relate to supplements? As with most things in today’s food supplies, many of the vitamins and minerals in supplements are derived from corn, including vitamin C, which is not only sold as a single supplement, but is also in almost every multivitamin, for kids and adults, as well as in several combination products. In fact, the supplement industry doesn’t even try to deny it, and the truth is, unless your vitamin bottle specifically states non-GMO sources, if it has vitamin C, there’s an 80% chance you’re consuming GMOs. Yes, even if the label says it’s natural, it’s really not. Marketing is tricky that way.

So what can we do? Start hounding the companies responsible (including the popular NOW brand, which admitted in a statement to Natural Society, using GMO sources, despite claiming in the past that it’s opposed to the practice of genetically modifying our food sources), and force them to change or risk losing sales. Take to your social media outlets, email, and a good old fashioned pen and paper to start causing a ruckus. Start now, and hopefully soon, you’ll be able to take your morning vitamin knowing that you’re not swallowing the remnants of a franken food.