Secret Viruses in GMO Crops

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As if genetically modified organisms weren’t scary enough, recent reports indicate that there’s actually a viral gene used in GMO crops. Yes, viral as in virus.

This report, released by the European Food Safety Authority, found a viral gene that disrupts the biological functions of living organisms and induces mutations, including the growth of tumors in rats.

It is also known to override the natural defense against other viruses at a cellular level, a defense that occurs in both plants and animals, including humans. This gene is used in 54 of the 86 GMO traits approved for use, and is currently found in round-up ready soybeans and several GMO corn varieties.

So you’d think the US government and Monsanto would be racing to get rid of this incredibly despicable virus, right? Of course not. They aren’t even pushing to do further research on the issue. Yet somehow, Russia, Poland, Hungary, and Peru are all banning the products linked to tumor growth in rats to protect their citizens. When will the US step up?