Sheryl Crow Believes Cell Phones Caused Brain Tumor - Researcher Agree

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Fifty-year-old singer-song writer Sheryl Crow revealed that she was recently diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in the exact spot where she often holds her cellphone. As previously discussed , recent research indicates that there’s a chance long-term cellphone usage can dramatically increase one’s risk of developing brain tumors.

Crow, mother to two boys, realized that something was amiss when she started experiencing symptoms similar to those of early Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia. She began regularly losing focus on stage, had difficulty concentrating, and even routinely forgot lyrics to songs that she had written and performed hundreds of times. As a breast cancer survivor, being diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumor in her brain was still frightening, Crow reveled in a recent interview, where she also told Katie Couric that she strongly suspects that her cellphone is to blame.

The idea that cell phones cause brain tumors is heavily contested in the medical and research communities. However, more and more researchers are beginning to discover some rather difficult to ignore links between the two. Greek scientists recently found that the radiation emitted from cell phones (interestingly enough, Apple recently banned an iPhone app from its store that measured this radiation) actually changes the protein structure in the brain. When combined with the recent study discussed here (LINK TO ARTICLE), which showed 10 years of cell phone usage resulting in nearly 300% increase in brain tumor development, Sheryl Crow may be on to something.

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