Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil on Weight, Hair, and Skin

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The unique type of fat present in virgin coconut oil may have some surprising health benefits according to recent studies. Although high in saturated fat which, for the last several decades, has been vilified by the nutritional community, it is now believed that coconut oil’s specific type of saturated fat may do significantly more good than harm, if it even harms you at all.

Australian researchers recently found that consuming virgin coconut oil actually caused the body to store less fat and increase insulin management, thus helping to lessen the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. This same result can also potentially help people to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, as found by Brazilian researchers, whose 12 week study noted a large reduction in waist circumference in women taking coconut oil supplements.

In the natural beauty world, coconut oil is often used as an all-natural moisturizer and conditioner. Rich in lauric acid, it can effectively treat dry skin and hair, and may potentially have antibacterial properties. When ingested, this oil can help to increase the amount of calcium and magnesium your body utilizes from your diet, helping to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Perhaps the most surprising, and potentially groundbreaking, benefit of coconut oil is its ability to not only prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, but also reverse it, especially when we see that belly fat is linked to Alzheimer's disease. Some research points to the idea that in as little as a year, consuming coconut oil daily can completely reverse a person’s dementia.

While research is still relatively new, it’s pretty safe to say that coconut oil, and its health benefits, cannot be ignored.