Top Beverages To Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack

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You’re constantly advised not to drink your calories, and to consume water as much as possible. And while water should always be your drink of choice (hydration plus zero calories equals a strong yes!), there are other drinks that can also be beneficial, especially when it comes to preventing heart attacks.

  1. 100%, sterol-fortified no sugar added juice: Just a small 4 ounce glass a day can lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation, two issues that can lead to a heart attack.
  2. Tea: Three cups a day can lower your risk of heart attack by nearly 11%, according to a review study conducted in 2001.
  3. Low-fat milk: The calcium in milk helps to support overall health, keeping your heart protected.
  4. Black coffee: Without the cream and sugar, coffee is incredibly heart healthy as well as being low-calorie and metabolism-boosting. Just lay off the additives!
  5. Alcohol: When consumed in moderation (and without a bunch of sugar-laden mixers), alcohol can support a healthy heart, with antioxidant-rich wine being the top choice.

So what drinks should you avoid? Soda, whether diet or made with sugar, can actually lower your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients. Likewise, sports drinks are almost never necessary, unless you’ve literally spent an entire day running in extreme heat; in any other instance, water is always best.

Instead, stick with these heart healthy options, and enjoy!

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