Top Non-Stimulant Foods to Boost Your Energy

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In today’s society, it always seems to be go-go-go. And even if you can find the time to exercise, mustering up the energy to do so can be difficult. If you are sensitive to, or trying avoid stimulants like coffee and energy drinks, there are some foods that you can incorporate into your diet to help in this department without the jitters. Not only are they healthy, but they can give you that boost you need to get your workout accomplished, which in turn will also ramp up your energy!

Ginger: This root, when used after a workout, can relieve muscle soreness naturally, giving your body plenty of time to recuperate and build up the energy you need for the next workout. Ginger also helps with digestion if you are feeling sluggish after a heavy meal.

Apples: Rich in quercetin, healthy carbs and vitamins, apples are usually cheap, easy to bring with you, and help to build up your endurance while revving your metabolism.

Bananas: Rich in healthy carbs, vitamin B6 and potassium, bananas are considered the all-natural equivalent to a sports drink, with the added benefit of increasing energy and giving you the fuel you need to get through a grueling workout.

Raisins: A recent study out of the University of California at Davis found that runners who opted for carbohydrate rich raisins mid-run ran a minute faster than those who chose just water.

Beets: One of the highest energy foods out there, beets can boost stamina by affecting how the body processes nitrate into nitric oxide thus reducing the amount of oxygen your body burns as you work out if eaten an hour before you start.

These energy-boosting foods coupled with a diet rich in lean fish and poultry, both excellent sources of B12, can not only give you that boost you need to get to the gym, or power through your work day behind the computer!

Try juicing some of these energy powerhouses to create your own non-stimulate energy drink from home.

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