Basic and Unique Ways to Eat an Avocado

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For those who think of guacamole instantly when they see an avocado, figuring out how to incorporate this healthy alkalizing fruit into their daily diet can seem a bit off putting. After all, despite being incredibly tasty, who really wants to eat guacamole every single day? Avocados are a staple alkaline food for people following this kind of diet.

Let’s start with the easiest means of getting an avocado ready for whatever recipe has struck your fancy. Rinse the fruit off to remove any dirt or bacteria hanging out on the skin; when you cut into a fruit, even if you peel it afterwards, you can push bacteria into the flesh with your knife, contaminating the edible portion.

Dry it off and then slide a paring knife into the center of the fruit until you hit the pit. Run in around the center of the fruit, cutting around the pit, until the avocado is in two halves. Carefully pry the pit out of the center of the fruit (if you’re good with a knife, you can push the blade into the center of the pit, twist slightly to loosen, and then pull it out).

Now, if you want the avocado halves in one piece, run a large spoon between the skin and the meat until the edible portion pops out. For sliced or diced avocados, cut the fruit with the skin still on, running your paring knife through the flesh until the tip just hits the skin; then, scoop out the slices or cubes with a spoon.

Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to eat an avocado:

  • Diced in a salad
  • Spread on toast
  • Added to smoothie
  • Pureed in a soup
  • Used as a spread on a sandwich
  • As a base for healthy chocolate pudding
  • Savory part of a fruit bowl
  • Topping for burgers
  • As a side dish on its own