What You Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy - Be Prepared

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Hurricane Sandy has devastated the east coast, and while there was warning, very few people can ever truly fathom this level of destruction until they’re in the midst of it. And truth be told, everyone is only one natural disaster away from being left stranded without many of the things that we take for granted every day.

So what can you learn from Hurricane Sandy? In short, always prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and don’t wait until someone is telling you something awful is going to happen before you’re prepared.

Start by stocking up and keeping that stockpile current and plentiful. The most common things that people scavenge for when faced with a disaster are:

  1. Water
  2. Canned food (long term storage food items)
  3. Pantry staples (sugar, coffee, dry goods)

Therefore, these are the things you should always keep on hand. Plenty of bottled water, as well as shelf stable juices, are essential to being prepared.

While in theory you can go a pretty long time without a lot of food, you cannot go without clean water. Canned foods, especially those that can be eaten without electricity, are essential. And ensuring that those canned foods are always current and as healthy as possible will give you and your family the sustenance they need to get through times of trouble.

Canned vegetables and fruit, peanut butter, beans, and other high-energy, healthy foods will keep you going the longest. Avoid salt-laden, overly processed foods: although filling, they won’t keep you at your prime. And health is of the utmost importance in times of catastrophe. There are many companies now that sell disaster preparedness kits that have a wide range of long shelf life food items and other essentials you might not think are essential, until a disaster strikes.

If anything, we’ve learned that people can be left with literally nothing and grocery shelves empty even when you have warning. So be prepared for any situation, whether you have a week’s notice or it blindsides you one day. There is no such thing as too prepared.