Why You Get Sick After the Rain?

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People often attribute health woes to the weather, and especially when it comes to rain. The most common complaints?

Getting rained on gave me a cold: Although it may feel this way, it simply isn’t true. Most of the heat of your body is emitted through your head, and when rained on, your head becomes cooler than your body. This can cause that od d, getting sick sensation; however, it’ll return to normal once your head returns to its normal temperature. To speed it up, take a warm bath.

Rain gives me a headache: This is actually kind of true, especially when it comes to kids. The lower air pressure that occurs when it rains can trigger a headache in some people. Those suffering from chronic headaches or migraines often experience this more frequently than others, with rain being one of the most common triggers. Overall, kids are 59% more likely to have a headache during rainy weather than dry.

In the end, rain can potentially increase your susceptibility to catching an illness due to the reduced immune system response, can potentially increase your risk of headache, and can give you the sensation of having a cold, without actually having a cold.